You humans are bizarre and very complicated creatures. I’ve noticed that you often talk about love, and just few of you know what love really is. You often limit the concept itself to partner love. And even in short, you have distorted ideas about that. Despite the fact that I observe your relationship between the partners, I would seldom call it love.

For us dogs, love is part of our instinctive equipment. For you, people, too. But you don´t care your instinctive equipment. In your rational conceit, you think that you know everything better than how nature has given it to you.

Love, as we dogs know it, is without exception unconditional. We are always ready to give the life for our young without problems. And we do not expect them to graduate in return and provide us with grandchildren with their heterosexual partner.

We dogs are encoded in genes that everything in this universe is interconnected. And that we can’t be happy if we don’t make others happy. And that’s why we love you people so much. You need it most of all the creatures we know.

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