Black Cotons matter

I’ve never experienced that our humans gets up so soon, like yesterday. I couldn’t even say morning for this time, it was still night. Dino jumped up and rejoiced. He knew something unusual will happen. I also knew that we will go somewhere. But even it did not forcing me to open one eye.

And we really went somewhere. It was a long journey. We slept with Dino on the rear seats, our she-human in front and our he-human turned wheel the car has in front of him.

When we arrived in place, the sun was completely awakened. Our she-human also. Unlike the sun, it was because she drank up a huge mug of coffee. We got out of the car and came to the room where there was perhaps a hundred cotons in addition to many people. I felt like in the puppy mill.

My he-human explained me that this is not puppy mill, but the dog exhibition. I didn’t understand why we’re here because it was probably an exhibition of disabled dogs. Most of them did not walk, but they were carried in something like baby strollers. They had funny hairstyle and they smelled like an airport shop with perfumes.

But I didn’t bit anyone and I liked me there. It was also given that I had no obligations there. Unlike Dino and our he-human. They had it most difficult. They sticked the number on my he-human and he had to go with Dino in circle. And some ladies looked at them and slandered them. And recorded the gossips to the computer. Then released the returns Dino and our he-human.

The ladies then said to my he-human, that they don’t like Dino, because he is partially black. Our he-human told to those ladies that he also doesn’t like them. Fortunately, he didn’t say it aloud, but we dogs understand the thoughts.

Positive was that we didn’t have to wait for end of exhibition and went on a trip. We enjoyed a beautiful day.

Our humans said that we are the best dogs in the world for them and that even in the smallest nothing changes what some ladies recorded into the computer.

They are truth. But I decided not to let it. Nobody will discriminate Dino for the colour of his skin! Dino has no idea what it is life I experienced. But he’s OURS. And I’ll fight for him. Like Chica is my name!

4 thoughts on “Black Cotons matter

  1. He is gorgeous! Once he is groomed and not too much cutting, he will look like a movie star!!
    What a story!! Wow
    Crazy and very upsetting!!
    Please write me back!!🍀🍀🔆💟💟

    • Dear Wendy, of course Dino is gorgeous. We all love him for his black white. And I will be angry with the judge. And will write angry into my blog about it. But my he-human explained to me that people decided that the standard of the Coton de Tulear breed would only be white. If Dino would be Dalmatin, the black white would not mind 🙂

  2. Chica and Dino, you’re the best. No matter what color your fur is. And people should learn that from you!😘😘

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