About life and death

You are strange creatures, you people. You consider yourself the lords of creation. You say you are the only one in the Universe to carry consciousness. However, it is surprising that something as exceptional and advanced as man is so afraid of death. We dogs try to survive at all times. We will do for it all this possible and impossible. But when death is to come, we respect it.

Our attitude was best expressed by Snoopy when the piggy bank complained how is it sad we would die one day. “But we won’t die a lot of other days!” Snoopy replied.

We dogs do not live in fear that one day our earthly pilgrimage will end. We live fully. We do not waste the time by making money and their subsequent spending. We don’t try to be better than others.

And especially we know that birth is not an absolute beginning and death is not a definitive end. Everything in space moves in cycles. Why should our existence be an exception?

My he-human says that you should learn from us dogs about life and death. But most of you are prevented by your pride and arrogance.