Elves and fairies

We dogs perceive reality differently than you people. To be more precise than adults. Young children still have the ability to explore the world in all its breadth, just like we have.

But it is probably in vain to explain it to you adults. Because you only believe what you see with your eyes, what you can reach for and what you can buy with your money.

But the real world is much, much more varied and wider than you think. Take the flaps out of your eyes for a moment. You will see elves, fairies and all the strange creatures that live there in the forest again. You will hear the trees talking to each other. You will get acquainted with the spirits of streams and rocks. I’ll strike up a bargain – you being happier then. Like small children, or we, dogs.

The joy of ordinary things

Before I reached my humans, I lived in a pupy mill. I was locked up there with many other dogs and we didn’t go out at all. But it was only four years. I’m out every moment now. I’ll catch up now. What are four years against the rest of my life?

At first I was afraid of the world out there. But now it’s a big adventure. And nothing just scare me. I’m always looking forward to when my humans start dressing.

I have already understood many things of the human world. But I don’t understand one. Why don’t some people go out when no one is keeping them in the puppy mill?

Anyway, why don’t people do what they love? What are they waiting for? Life brings twists. And what is obvious to us today may not be tomorrow. We dogs always do the best we can do at a given moment and what will bring us the greatest possible joy. We are not waiting for anything. We will do what we consider right now. And that’s why you’ll never see a dog with its head in its paws regretting that he missed something in life.

My he-human told me that people should learn from dogs. And that we could establish a school. And in it, me – Chica de Tulear, would teach people how they could be happier if they live like dogs. Isn’t that a great idea?

How we saved St. Nicholas

On Saturday I had a great adventure with my humans. The weather was nice, so we went to the rocks. Where I live now, there are beautiful rock massifs. I like to walk there with my humans. I am always on a leash, because my humans are afraid that I could fall from a high rock. As if they didn’t know I had an instinct. But you know, masters of creation – they think they know everything best.

That day is a strange holiday in the Czech Republic. Some people disguise themselves as St. Nicholas, an angel and a devil. And then they haunt children. I have never experienced it before, because no Nicholas has ever come to the puppy mill. I probably wouldn’t know it this year either, because Nicholas doesn’t go to my humans either.

But what the hell didn’t want, we met a Nicholas in those rocks. He had neither an angel nor a devil, and he climbed on all fours. He had only a small dog with him, and the poor man howled in fear. I was sorry for the dog, I wouldn’t want such a master. My he-human drink just one glass of red wine. Well, sometimes two. And he run on all fours only when he’s playing with me or his grandchildren.

The dog howled there because he was on one rock and his drunken owner in a white robe and high hat was crawling on another rock. And between them was an abyss as deep as a high house. His instinct told the dog that going after his irresponsible owner would be dangerous. So at least he called for help out loud. We dogs, unlike some people, have intelligence.

I’d rather not describe how my humans got the figure back across the abyss, because it was dangerous. They also used my leash. I saw everything up close, because my he-human had to hold me in one hand and with the other was pulling that creature together with my she-human. Nicholas’ staff fell into the deep hole. And a flat bottle too, which broke during the flight as it crashed into a rock. There must have been something very rare in it, because he looked quite unhappy about the loss. But we, together with his dog, rejoiced that he didn’t end up like his bottle.

Meaning of life

In the four years of my life, I knew nothing but the pens of a dog breeding. I thought the only purpose in life was to have puppies every six months. And they soon took it from me and sold it to people who didn’t care where it came from.

Now I see how wrong I was. Life has a much deeper meaning. We are here to please everyone around us. In my case, especially to the owners and their pack. Because all beings are happiest when they can make someone happy.

The owner told me that a lot of people are like the dogs from the breeding room. Their lives are empty. He does not see the true meaning of life. They think that their mission is just to make money, buy things and pay bills.

They have no idea that somewhere behind the walls of their mental prison there is a world in which life has meaning. I feel sorry for them. But I’m not surprised at such people. In the nursery, I also had no idea about the world out there.