The joy of ordinary things

Before I reached my humans, I lived in a pupy mill. I was locked up there with many other dogs and we didn’t go out at all. But it was only four years. I’m out every moment now. I’ll catch up now. What are four years against the rest of my life?

At first I was afraid of the world out there. But now it’s a big adventure. And nothing just scare me. I’m always looking forward to when my humans start dressing.

I have already understood many things of the human world. But I don’t understand one. Why don’t some people go out when no one is keeping them in the puppy mill?

Anyway, why don’t people do what they love? What are they waiting for? Life brings twists. And what is obvious to us today may not be tomorrow. We dogs always do the best we can do at a given moment and what will bring us the greatest possible joy. We are not waiting for anything. We will do what we consider right now. And that’s why you’ll never see a dog with its head in its paws regretting that he missed something in life.

My he-human told me that people should learn from dogs. And that we could establish a school. And in it, me – Chica de Tulear, would teach people how they could be happier if they live like dogs. Isn’t that a great idea?

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