Two Years’ Vacation

My he-human told me that he and his grandchildren had always wanted the holidays two years instead of two months (as in a novel by Jules Verne). And that it was almost complete now. People have been attacked by a virus and children are not allowed to go to school to do not transmit it. So it’s not two whole years. And it’s not even a real school holidays, because they has to report to the teacher via computer every day. But it has its advantages.

The main advantage is that online teaching can be run from anywhere, so they can come to us. And then it’s almost like the holidays. The children have school until lunch. But then they play with us, dogs and we go on long trips almost every day. And then every night the whole pack watches movies. And our he-human makes popcorn for that. And that’s very fine, because popcorn shoots all over the kitchen and we run and pick it up from the ground.

It’s great to still have holidays!