I confess that I have never seen a bear in my life. But I heard he sleep all winter. In November, it will crawl into its lair and enjoy it until March. I would probably like that a lot. And I think my he-human too.

But our Dino has it completely differently. As soon as dawn begins in the morning, he starts to run around. He examines and sniffs everything, as if the apartment was exchanged for a completely unknown one overnight. Then he pokes me until I have to stare angrily at him with one open eye to stop. So in the end he goes to the doorstep of our human’s bedroom and there he sniffs so loudly that he wakes up our she-human and we go out.

Winter is simply not a hibernation period for us. We have such an active winter that I don’t even have time to write my stories. Our humans still have their human puppies taking turns here. We go for long walks and we go on trips. And we even spent a week visiting a very nice lady, because our humans were in the mountains and they could not take us with them there. After all, the winter is not so bad. Even if we don’t sleep for a few months.