My he-human had a birthday. We dogs do not know this expression, and because I am a curious girl, I wanted to know what does it means. My he-human explained to me that it is the day in the calendar when person was born. This day then people celebrate every year as a birthday. Until they die.

I asked if they died, then he celebrated dieday. From the expression of my he-human ‘s face I understood that he had no enthusiasm in my question. Firstly, because no one knows what we celebrate when we leave this world. And on the other hand, I realize that my he-human must then translate it into English. So let me tell him how he translates „dieday“.

So I asked a more intelligent question: “What is the exceptional birthday day?” My he-human explained to me that a birthday day for people is like every normal day for dogs. They just try to do everything to make them happy. I was pleased that we dogs have 364 birthday days a year more than you people.

My he-human in his birthday gets a kiss from my she-human and they will open their favorite Montepulciano. He is almost like a dog. He gets a kiss from my she-human almost every day. And Montepulciano also opens frequently.

My he-human also explained to me that people give gifts on this day. But I don’t have to worry. Because he is not a normal person. He doesn’t need any gifts because he already has everything. Especially my she-human, me and Dino.

And because people feel bad when they don’t give a gift, my he-human accepts large stones for our garden and statuettes of Buddha. And of course good red wine :).

To appreciated the human race enough, my he-human has explained to me that some people have such perfect memory that they remember who has ever wished them for their birthday. Even after years, they can evaluate a person ” he didn’t call me a birthday wish “. But I don’t have to have complexes, all people are not that perfect. For example, my he-human is not that.

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