Encounter with a dangerous animal

The expeditions outside the safety of our house and the garden are always exciting. This is especially true when we are on holiday. We go here by unknown places and we do not know what we can expect there.

I usually stick to my he-human as close as possible. He is big, and if something attacked us, he would protect me. But Dino plays a hero. He looks at the unknown objects and growls on them. In the dark, he begins to growl as soon as we get out of the door.

Likewise, yesterday, when our he-human went with us for the last evening walk. We walked down the street along our pension, where almost nothing goes late at night.

But the routine of our walk suddenly disrupted something other than the car. The middle of the road moved the animal. It was just a little bigger than us. Flat, as if crouched to the ground. There was no head, tail, or legs.

An unknown creature moved confused in all directions. He also did sudden lunges against us. It was uncertain whether he was going to attack us.

Even Dino preferred to keep at a safe distance, and his small chest came out so deep sounds that even Saint Bernard would not be ashamed of them.

It wasn’t long before my fears were confirmed. The animal ran against us and began to make sinister sounds. Surprisingly, our he-human left it calm. On the other hand, me and Dino went to counterattack and began to bark in the night town as a life.

The windows of the surrounding houses began to light up. A man ran out of one building and began to gesticulate something on our he-human and explain something in Italian language. He caught the animal and it immediately stiffened. He then took him in his arms.

Our he-human smiled and explained to us that a robotic lawn mower had escaped from the garden of this man.