Thanks for every sunrise

We dogs do not know the concept of death as you people perceive it. We don’t understand it as something completely final. From our point of view, there is no difference between death and falling asleep every day.

Therefore, every awakening to a new day is a miracle for us. We are grateful for each new morning. For every sunrise. For we see our humans again. We do not take any of this for granted.

At first, my he-human told me not to write about it. It sounds like a cliché from a cheap motivational book about a happy life. But then he told me a few years old experience of the Himalayas. He encountered a caravan on a narrow path rising into the mountains. They carried a climber who died of altitude sickness. They hurried and were gone in an instant. But there remained a message in the thin air that resonated like an echo between the rocks: “Life is a gift. Live him. ”

You people have laws that give you the opportunity to accept or reject any gift. We dogs would never refuse a gift like life. We live it to the fullest, even though it can sometimes seem difficult to us (for example, when our owners are combing us). And so we rejoice for every new morning, for every new reunion with our humans. Too bad you humans don’t understand our dog language. I would explain to you that these are not clichés. But that’s how a happy life is made.