Meaning of life

In the four years of my life, I knew nothing but the pens of a dog breeding. I thought the only purpose in life was to have puppies every six months. And they soon took it from me and sold it to people who didn’t care where it came from.

Now I see how wrong I was. Life has a much deeper meaning. We are here to please everyone around us. In my case, especially to the owners and their pack. Because all beings are happiest when they can make someone happy.

The owner told me that a lot of people are like the dogs from the breeding room. Their lives are empty. He does not see the true meaning of life. They think that their mission is just to make money, buy things and pay bills.

They have no idea that somewhere behind the walls of their mental prison there is a world in which life has meaning. I feel sorry for them. But I’m not surprised at such people. In the nursery, I also had no idea about the world out there.

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