Applied research

My humans have discovered a new expertise in themselves. They became nutritional therapists for canine beasts with a research specialization in the Coton de Tulear breed.

Parcel service brought them a box full of cans and small bags of granules. They based a written record for their research. Every day, they put granules from one of those bags into a bowl and write it down. Then they watch me and look like to be experimenters at CERN just before the discovery of the Higgs boson.

And me nothing. I push the bowl here and there. With their human intelligence, perhaps they will realize that they forgot to put pate in my bowl. But people react incredibly slowly. I don’t understand how with a bit slow on the uptake they could build a civilization. Fortunately, they finally understand. They write something in their transdisciplinary exploration records and mix a can into my granules.

With human training, we dogs have a really hard time. On the positive side, they understand slowly, but I finally reach the training goal. They understood that I would not eat the granules itselves, that they had to be mixed with canned food. I don’t know if the manufacturer of dog food will please with his applied research. It turned out that it does not matter at all what granules and what cans it is.

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