An impossible human species

I will never understand how humanity can exist for so many millennia. People are so impractical and ill-equipped that their survival of more than 24 hours must be considered a miracle.

Take, for example, the handicap that they do not have fur. They have to put on some impossible rags every morning to be alive in the evening and not to freeze..

He cannot hunt or feed in nature. When they are going on a trip, they cut supplies in the morning, which they shove into bags, which they then carry on their backs all day. However, I have to add to the goodness of my humans that they will also pack treats and water for me.

They walk only two legs. Of course, you can’t really get anywhere in this ridiculous way. They are therefore transported in stinking tin boxes on wheels, which make me sick.

They don’t have a whole brain in their head. I’m a little afraid that some of they may not have any at all. Substantial parts of their brain are housed in a variety of boxes that they carry with them. In one such box, they write where they want to go and it gives them orders. “After fifty meters, turn left.” People obey these commands of the external brain indefinitely without getting a treat.

Well, let me tell you, I’m always happy to be back home. Because, if my humans lost any of their external parts, I would probably have to take them home myself. And that could go wrong. I admit that after those years in the puppy mill, I also don’t have the same instincts as my great-grandmother wolf used to be.

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