End of holiday season

I love summer. And the holidays. Our house is open, we live outside. Our humans usually have their human puppies here. And we also travel. I get to know new places, new smells. Or we just are lying out with Dino in the sun on the doorstep.

But now there is less sunshine. My he-human explained to me that the holidays were over and the summer was ending as well. Fortunately, we dogs, unlike humans, do not understand time. We don’t know what it is when something ends. We like summer as well as life. And we think both will continue forever. So we enjoy both. As long as we have both of them.

I didn’t enjoy much sun or life in the puppy mill. So I’m trying to make up for it now. If I were human, I would pour myself Spanish red wine, open Greek olives, and wonder how beautiful life is. And I would look at photos from our holidays in Olomouc, for example.

3 thoughts on “End of holiday season

  1. My puppy mill rescue coton was 10 months old when I got him. But the undercover rescuer purchased him for $50 so he would not be killed. You see he had only one testicle and an hereditary disease. The auction was held in Missouri in 2004. Everyone at the auction were puppy millers. Except for the undercover rescuer.

    Dusty came from an Amish breeder. He died this year and I miss him every single day. He always smiled. He loved so deeply.

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