Four years in the puppy mill I knew just the four walls of the shed in which we were imprisoned. I never got a chance to see the space outside.

It was not a nice experience. But as the saying goes, “everything bad is good for something.” I’m not angry with my past today. Because, unlike some spoiled dogs, thanks to it, I’m just amazed at how beautiful the world is.

I have seen many wonders of the world with my humans over the past year. Such as meadows, fields, forests and city parks. I also got to know streams, lakes, ponds and rivers.

True, I haven’t seen the sea yet. But my humans promised me that sooner or later I would experience this endless body of water with salt water and waves.

Today we got to know the rocks with our humans and Dino. In the rocks it is full of interesting smells and nooks. The rocks are full of adventure. Just amazing. The whole world outside the puppy mill is magical. If you have never been imprisoned, perhaps you cannot even appreciate the immense happiness of living in this world.

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