My humans like to look at the stars. Recently, we even watched them fall from the sky to the ground. My he-human explained to me that what we see falling are not stars from the sky. But only pieces of stones that float through space until they approach Earth. It attracts them by its gravity and the stone burns as it passes through the Earth’s atmosphere. Mostly earlier, before it fall down.

Under the summer night sky, our humans are silent and it is clear to me that they are thinking about important things. You people don’t have it easy – you sit under the stars and the responsibility of the whole civilization falls on you. You wonder what will happen when the planet does not feed us and what will happen when the Sun goes out and even what will happen with the life when our entire universe will disappear.

We dogs have it much easier. We are sitting under the stars and the only important thing for us is the fact that our humans are sitting here with us.

But if we bothered to think like people, I would explain to our humans that they don’t have to worry. If you people don’t kill each other, then there is always a solution to everything. When your Earth is small, you will surely inhabit other planets, then other galaxies, and finally other universes. And I guarantee that you take dogs everywhere. Because without dogs human life would be empty.

And if people would be so greedy and stupid that they will destroy each other, the dogs become the smartest creatures on Earth. They would build their own civilization, inhabiting other planets, galaxies and universes. There is simply no need to be afraid of the future.

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