We dogs don’t think much about what was and what will be. Our whole life takes place for us in the present moment. But that doesn’t change the fact that today is the year when I was locked up with other cotons in a dark barn. And I was incredibly scared.

It was Saturday. And we heard a car coming to that barn. The people who owned the place opened the gates and let us into the yard. It took a while for our eyes to get used to the light. Outside, two other people stood with a collar and a leash in their hands. We all ran out and the other dogs immediately ran to those people. I was careful and standing in the back. For one thing, I never rush anywhere. And on the other hand, the potential humans seemed a little goofy to me.

But then the he-human pointed at me. The home owners caught me tight. In gloved so I don’t bite them. And they put me in the car to those strange humans. I was very scared then. Little did I know that at that moment, everything in my life would be different.

Don’t think that it was a piece of cake with my humans at first. There were so many new things I was afraid of. They bothered me with bathing, combing, cutting claws, and cleaning my teeth, ears, and eyes. There were stairs in their house that I had never seen before and could not walk on. They made me walk out on a leash. We met other people and dogs there. And there were so many unknown smells and things that could be dangerous. And imagine that they forbade me to pee and do bay leaves in their house.

But I am a docile girl, and I have noticed that this makes my humans happy. And for us dogs there is no greater happiness than to make our humans happy. So in a few weeks I was a completely different dog. I don’t rush into anything, but when I stand behind my he-human, I’m not afraid of anything. I haven’t seen him bite anyone yet. But I’m sure if he did, so that it would turn out very badly with the bitten one. And that gives me confidence. Most of all, we dogs need the certainty that our humans love us and will protect us in every situation.

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