The main summer holidays for children began in our country. We dogs have a vacation all our lives. And our humans as retirees already have a holiday forever.

However, holidays are rare for children, as they have compulsory schooling most of the year. This year was exceptional, because the schools were closed due to the virus. But it wasn’t a real year-round holidays, because the children had to watch the teacher at least on the screen.

For me and Dino, these holidays are exceptional, because we slept outside of our house for the first time. My he-human explained to me that just as we dogs do not have to be afraid of rabies after vaccination, so they do not have to be afraid of their human virus after vaccination. And so we can start traveling again.

So we went with their cubs to the cottage in the forest. We had a lot of fun and adventure there. Every day we went on long trips, looking for treasure and a fallen satellite. And most importantly, we were a big pack together again.

We dogs love those human holidays too!

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