How I lost my bone

When we go with our he-human to the last walk, it is already a black night. I have noticed that people do not see much in the dark. And so I sometimes use it. Just like yesterday. I abused my he-human’s momentary inattention and discreetly picked up a bone lying on the sidewalk. Pretty old and beautifully stinking bone, which God knows who threw it out.

Initially, everything went well. My he-human did not notice anything. The bone was small, so it fit almost in my mouth. I looked so inconspicuous that I must have been invisible.

But Dino ruined everything. He wanted to take my bone. I put up with a lot, but my kindness has its insurmountable limits. When it comes to bone, I don’t know my brother. I growled at him like an old wolf as he prepared to attack the bear. Dino started screaming as if I had bitten his willie. We frightened our he-human, who had headphones on his ears, and ripped him out with a terrible roar from listening to some certainly soulful audiobook.

When the owner woke up in fright, it was clear to me that is bad. I sensed that his suspicions were going in the right direction. He stuck his finger in my mouth and pulled out a bone. I didn’t bite him or growl at him. It’s bigger and we dogs have it so that the bone takes the bigger one. That is understandable. But I will never understand that he didn’t even taste it. He said “Yuck !!!!” and threw the beautifully stinking, slimy, old bone somewhere far away.

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