We had visitors for the weekend. Part of our humans pack came to us. And with them their dog. His name is Loki. He is a puppy a bit younger than Dino. But I’m afraid he’s not a domestic dog, but at least a wolf!

He looks pretty funny. His legs are high, as if he were walking on stilts. Ridiculously short coat and pointed face. He’s almost all black and makes huge poo.

And he’s a little crazy. So far, I’ve lived in the belief that there is no bigger crazy in the world than our Dino. But I didn’t know Loki yet. He runs around the apartment like a tank. He pushes his big paw into us to play with him. He is so tall that he reaches for the handle and opens the door himself. Wherever it goes, something falls.

Dino and I had no choice but to crawl under the couch and watch the trigger. We would definitely be friends with Loki, it would only take time. In the end, however, his humans left us only their human cubs and took Loki with them. They were probably afraid that he would teach us all the crap and our owners would then go completely crazy about us.

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