A dog that eats cucumbers

Imagine what our little black-and-white tot did yesterday. The he-human placed shopping bags in the hall. The he-humans always leave everything lying where it falls by hand. If there was no she-humans, they would have nowhere to step, they would be overgrown with dirt, and they would generally die on the vine.

Dino took the moment to examine the bag through. No one noticed anything when I hear the she-human shout “he eats cucumber!”. And he already had half of the cucumber from Spain in him.

Our humans hurriedly asked the computers if the cucumber are poisonous for the dogs. Humans are strange beings. We dogs, if we eat something bad, we vomit it up right away and it’s quiet. But people, they’re going to consult with Google on what to do. Poor people. Such big and they do not have their own mind.

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