When my humans start running here and there, carrying bags and looking for various papers, phones and keys, I already see how the land lies. We’ll go somewhere with a tin monster. I will probably never fall in love with their monster on wheels, but I like to go on trips.

But hey, they didn’t take me this time. They left me alone. And they pissed me off pretty bad. When they returned, I felt such a strange tension in the air. They both looked like a mysterious castle in the Carpathians and devoutly carried something wrapped in a blanket.

God, it’s alive! And it looks like an overgrown mouse. I began to growl in such a deep voice that not even my great-grandmother the wolf would be ashamed of it.

They laid the creature carefully on the ground and began to lisp to it. This is really beyond the pale! I’m going to have to take offense. I will crawl under the couch and ignore them forever, at least for two minutes and eleven seconds.

Then they introduced us. That they say Dino. Who can come up with such a strange name? And that they say Coton, too. So let them take a good look at him! Half head black. Is that what a Coton looks like? What if he grows into a Saint Bernard? I wonder to my humans – as if I, Chica de Tulear, were not enough for them.

But I will whisper something to you: the little one is quite nice and we have already agreed together that we will do some bad things to our humans.

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