The other’s bowl

Our humans are now preparing food in two bowls. The bigger one is for me and the smaller one for Dino. I have there my favorite granules mixed with a juicy sachet in it. Dino there has his granules for puppies, moistened and also flavored with a pinch of meatballs.

However, neither of us is interested in our own bowl. What the other has in it, on the other hand, mesmerizes us. And if our he-human are not standing between us, we’ll throw ourselves at the other’s food.

Our he-human shakes his head over it. In the few thousand years we have been living with humans, we have learned the bad from people. Like envy. People often crave what their neighbor has. They envy themselves and throw themselves at each other’s bowls. They naively think that these are the things that will bring them happiness. It is said that our ancestors wolves were not like that, they lived in packs where one supported the other.

I was a little ashamed and decided to start meditating, returning to nature, not being a slave to my ego, and sharing my granules with Dino and my humans. I will be like my great-grandmother wolf and I will definitely make my humans happy.

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