I’ve been to the vet so many times that I’m not afraid of him at all. But this time it was different. My he-human left me there alone. And he looked kind of serious. I was afraid for a moment that he might never come for me again. And I’ll end up in a puppy mill again. Fortunately, the thought quickly disappeared. Because I know that my he-human will always return.

I got an injection and all thoughts drifted away. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was wrapped in some kind of cylinder. My he-human was already waiting there, looking happier than when he left me.

He carefully took me to the car and we drove home. I was still quite sleepy, but when I saw my she-human and Dino, I started running and jumping, as we dogs do. Our humans’ eyes widened and they shouted “Slowly!” and “Don’t jump!”. As if I didn’t know best what to do myself.

My he-human then explained to me that they did surgery on me so that I would not have any more puppies. Because I had enough of them during my life in the puppy mill. And that now my belly is sewn and that’s why I can’t jump. And that my sleep in the vet office was not an ordinary sleep, but anesthesia. And that my humans were afraid that I wouldn´t wake up from the anesthesia and I could die.

If I could, I would explain to my he-human that we dogs are not afraid of death. Until we die, we live to the fullest. And once we die, we’ll just be somewhere else. So why bother about it all our life?

People often think so much about dying once and then don’t even have time to live. I can understand that some people do not believe in some form of existence after death. But I don’t really understand why they don’t live till they die.

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